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D’vine Serenity Wellness LLC

Providing top-notch Post-Op Lymphatic Massage, Non-Invasive Body Contouring, Bodywork, Energy Work & More!

Please Note:

Effective January 1, 2024, I Am no longer accepting new male clients.

My goal? To help women feel like superheroes by putting their health and wellness first!

Ladies, listen up! We are the queens of nurturing, but how often do we forget about numero uno? My personal mission is to give you a nudge in the direction of health and happiness, showing you how to pamper your mind, body, and spirit. Remember: you can't pour from an empty cup! No need to worry though, I'm here to guide you towards self-care, so you can keep on spreading that love to the people around you. Let's do this!

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Post-Op Lymphatic Massage helps patients reduce swelling, and aides in your recovery post cosmetic surgery, I use a gentle type of massage that's intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymphatic system. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the body's tissues.

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Therapeutic Massage is comprised of different massage techniques to help address your individual needs during your session.

Raindrop Reiki Massage uses therapeutic grade Essential Oils along reflexology points on the feet, back, and/or hands as well as Reiki energy and very light massage throughout the session.

Integrating the use of Reiki Energy with the hands on technique of a relaxing Swedish massage can enhance the experience and assist in the body's natural healing process. Some of the benefits of Reiki Massage are: pain relief/effective management of chronic pain. can help reduce high blood pressure. strengthens the immune system & boosts the body’s healing properties. promotes healthier and improved sleep habits.

Energy Balancing is a gentle hands on therapy that is inspired by several modalities of energy work, acupressure, the use of crystals and/or essential oils, either applied topically or diffused during your session.

Non-invasive body contouring & fat reduction. Cavitation: ultrasonic waves break down fat cells. Radiofrequency (RF): energy thats heats the skin & stimulates collagen production, used for skin tightening. Laser Lipo Pads "liquefy" fat cells. Brazilian Massage Techniques help with lymphatic drainage & circulation.

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Purchase Gift Certificates for that special someone in your life!

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Save on each session by pre-purchasing a series of session!

Save with monthly memberships!

Young Living Essential Oils

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Simply Earth Essential Oils

Certified, pure essential oils that are sourced from the best farms across the globe. And, 13% of all profits go to end human trafficking!

EarSeeds are a non-invasive, safe, & effective tool used to stimulate nerve endings on the ears microsystem of the entire body in order to help create homeostasis in the body.

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* A more than 24-hour advance notice is required when canceling an appointment.

* If you do not provide the minimum 24-hours advance notice, you will be charged the full amount of the treatment fee.

* If your appointment is part of a membership, series, or package purchased, then your session will be deducted from any remaining services.

* If you reserved with a Gift Certificate, your appointment will be considered paid and the Gift Certificate will no longer be valid; otherwise, any fees must be paid in full prior to your next treatment.


* If you miss your appointment and do not provide more than 24 hour notice, you will be considered a “no-show”. You are still responsible for the full cost of the session, and future service will be denied until your balance is paid in full.


* If you arrive within the first 10 minutes of your appointment, we will end the session at the scheduled time, which means your session will be shorter. However, you're still responsible for the full amount of the session Arrivals of more than 10 minutes past your scheduled time will result in a "No Show" and you will have to reschedule. You are still responsible for the full cost of the session.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will NOT be issued on any service/package/series/subscription balance(s) if you have not provided the required advance notice or you choose to discontinue service/treatment(s) with us for any reason.

Client Reviews

"Venus is the best massage therapist I have ever been to and I have tried quite a few in the Syracuse area. Whether you are looking for relief from pain or looking to relax, Venus adjusts her techniques to give you what you want and need! I won’t go to anyone else now. She has spoiled me for all others…" - Kelly K.

"I’ve been struggling with neck/upper body pain for years due to riding horses, and I have been struggling to find any sort of relief. Venus immediately caught my attention with how sincere and genuine she was in wanting to help me feel better. I have only had 2 sessions so far, but both times I have come out feeling AMAZING. She truly is dedicated to her work and strives to ensure you get whatever you need out of her sessions. I cannot wait to continue feeling better because of her☺️!" - Jessica J.

"Venus' skill, knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail are A1! Everytime I leave I'm relaxed and my entire body feels rejuvenated. She is definitely the best in the business. Amazing at what she does."

- Erris R.

"I felt such relief after my massage. I came in with a lot of discomfort in my back and shoulders and Venus helped me to let go of stress that I didn’t realize I was carrying physically. I wasn’t afraid she’d be too light or too hard with her touch because, firstly, she asked what my needs were and, secondly, she adjusted along the way as my body responded naturally. I’ll be going back to her for more massage. I want to keep this feeling going. Very grateful to her!" - Rochette W.

"D'vine Serenity is my favorite place to go in the area for my body massages. Everything is so relaxing and professional, ... Venus is absolutely amazing and can make me feel whole again while also feeling like jello, which is just what I need after sitting at a desk all day." - Chelsea W.

"Excellent experience with Venus. Not only is she very kind and professional, she shares her wealth of knowledge with your to help improve your ailments. I will definitely be returning!" -ANdrea K.

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D’vine Serenity Wellness LLC


7323 Oswego Rd

Liverpool, NY 13090

Call/Text: (315) 944-7815 or (315) 313-5594

Email: dvineserenitywellness@gmail.com


Mon, Wed, & Thur

4:30 - 7:00PM

Alternating Saturdays

10:00AM -2:00PM


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